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Setting Norms and Expectations

Setting Norms and Expectations

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students examine the processes for norm and expectation setting.

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Notes on "Setting Norms and Expectations"

(00:00 - 00:29) Introduction

(00:30 - 01:40) Norms Basics

(01:41 - 02:54) Establishing Norms

(02:55 - 03:41) Areas to Address in Norms

(03:42 - 04:26) Ensuring Adherence to Norms and Understanding of Norms

(04:27 - 06:17) Norms of High-Performing Teams

(06:18 - 08:35) Sample Norms Development

(08:36 - 09:04) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

PLC Team Norms

Hickory Ridge Middle School in Michigan provides a tip sheet and template for establishing norms, writing SMART Goals, and tracking continuous improvement efforts through meeting minutes and team protocols. This process is based on the tips and process from Professional Learning Communities at Work published in 2006 by Solution Tree.

Learning by Doing 

This text from Solution Tree provides a helpful template that guides you through the process of establishing team norms. Visit the link in order to download the text.

High Performance Teams: Team Norms

This resource illustrates the difference between the norms that are typically used by teams and the norms typically used by high performing teams.