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Setting up Google+

Setting up Google+

Author: Trapper Hallam

To successfully sign-in, set-up and use your new Google+ collaboration tool

Upon completion of this tutorial you should have completed the following:

  1. Set up your Google+ with a picture of you
  2. Joined Mr. Hallam's Algebra 1 Community
  3. Learn how to correctly post in the community 
  4. Set up and use the Google+ app
  5. Completed a task in Google+ Community and your first post.
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  1. Learn the community rules and uses
  2. Successfully sign into Google+ for the first time
  3. Upload a profile picture
  4. Join Mr. Hallam's Algebra 1 Community
  5. Download & install the Google+ app
  6. Learn how to use Google+ properly 
  7. Complete your first assignment and post in our Google Community 

Proper posting proceedures

  1. First and foremost this is a safe and positive space where we work as a community and all comments need to reflect that attitude.  
  2. Joking and sarcasm are difficult to interpret though words and should not be used in our community.
  3. Know where you are posting.  Posts should be done from inside the community otherwise you might be posting to public (we can't see them if you post there)
  4. Post to the correct tab. (Homework questions should be posted in HWK Q's)
  5. If commenting to people tag them using +theirname (should turn blue).  This lets them and everyone in the community know that your are speaking to them.
  6. Make posting a habit.  It's part of your homework besides being a great resource for getting you questions answered.  


1. Sign-in and to join our community

  1. Go to: Google (if you don't already have the page open)
  2. Click on your name+ in the upper right corner
  3. Click past adding friends & people to follow
  4. MANDITORY! Upload a picture of YOU for your image (it must have your face in the picture so we know who we are talking to...think selfie:) 
  5. Finish adding your profile information
  6. Go to community tab under the home button on the left
  7. Search or use this link to go to Mr. Hallam's Algebra 1 community
  8. Ask to join
  9. Wait to be accepted

Video Tutorial: How to sign-in, set-up, and follow our community in Google+

Use this Video to help you through signing in and setting up your Google+ account for Mr. Hallam's Algebra 1

Source: YouTube

2. Posting in Google + (Computer)

This video will show you how to correctly post in the Google community from a computers web browser.

Source: Hallam mathematics

3. Setting up and posting from the app


  1. Download the Google+ app to your Mobile device (smart phone or tablet).  To be able to use the links below you must be using your device.  Otherwise use your app store to search for the app. 
    • Google+ app Android) 
    • Google+ app (Apple)
  2. Click on the app
  3. Sign-in to the app using your new Google account (or the account you plan to use for the class)
  4. Use the menu button to navigate to our community (you must already be a member
  5. When you first enter you will be in the "Everything" tab, you will see Everything posted in the community.   You can use the menu button to move through different categories of the community (seen below right)

4. Activity: Which is worse

  1. Sign-in to our community
  2. Click on the activities tab on the left
  3. Find the polls titled "Which is worse?
  4. Take the polls
  5. In each poll, post a comment why you chose which is worse (can be funny but appropriate) 
  6. Make a second post regarding a different students comment that furthers or adds positively to the conversation. 
  7. Add three tags to your comment:
    1. +thiername (who you are commenting to)
    2. +Whichisworse (to tag the activity)
    3. +Hour_ (put the hour you have the class where the _ is)