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SH sound discrimination

SH sound discrimination


The student will be able to discriminate the targeted sound "sh" from the error sound /s/ by sorting pictures based on initial sound with 80% accuracy given verbal and visual models.

The student discriminates the targeted sound "sh" from the error sound /s/ given picture cards and SLP verbal models.  This video can be viewed by parents in order to provide models for practice at home.  A child needs to be able to discriminate the target from the error before addressing sound production.

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The SLP is introducing the "sh" sound to a student. The student produces an /s/ instead of "sh." The student learns the facial shapes and tongue positions for the sounds. The student successfully sorts picture cards into piles based on the beginning sound. The student accurately produces the "sh" sound in isolation. Picture cards are send home to parents to practice this activity at home. The next session will involve production of the targeted sound in the initial position of syllables.

Source: personally made flip video