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SH Sound Production in Isolation and in syllables

SH Sound Production in Isolation and in syllables


The student will produce the "sh" sound in syllables with with 80% accuracy provided visual and verbal cues.

Hello parents and guardians,

The following video is an example of how I work with your children on their "sh" sound during our speech therapy session. When you are practicing their homework words, use the same description of the lip shape, with teeth closed and tongue up in the middle. You provide the model and they follow. Provide feedback as to how they did. You can also do this in front of the bathroom mirror.

As always, please contact me with any questions via email or you may call the school to reach me at 410-887-7055.

Happy practicing!

Kerry Fitzpatrick M.A. CF-SLP

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Practicing "sh" in syllables

The SLP is describing the sound production of "sh", modeling the sound production, and encouraging practice of the "sh" sound in syllables.

Source: Personally made video