Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Author: Kate Hodges

By the end of this lesson: 

  • Students will  establish and identify key background knowledge of Shakespeare and Julius Caesar.

(In class following these lessons)

Students will:

  • Be able to collaborate using the class Wiki.
  • use background knowledge to develop a Wiki page for assigned groups.
  • Develop a cultural and contextual understanding of Julius Caesar by maintaining their group's Wiki (throughout the course of the Julius Caesar unit).

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Shakespeare Background

Full Screen

Julius Caesar Background Video & Questions

I will pause the Crash Course video at times, to explain concepts and ask close reading questions. Remember to log notes in Google docs!

Source: Copy of The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10

Wiki Database: Expanding our cultural and contextual lens

Objective: Students will (prior to class) be able to identify their group and edit their group's wiki. 

As a class, we will create a database of information gathered before, during, and after reading "Julius Caesar". You will be responsible for upkeeping your groups section of the database. Each group will present their information (informally) to the class periodically throughout our reading. 

We will begin working on this tomorrow. However, I have included a brief how to guide for review. 

Prior to class tomorrow:

  • Add your name to your group's wiki page (group emailed to you).
  • Make sure not to remove other individuals!

Wiki Directions

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