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Shakespeare's Sonnets

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Author: Brian Mead

To recognize iambic pentameter

To recognize English Sonnet

To write a sonnet

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, all in the exact same format.  We'll look at the structure of the English sonnet - also known as the Shakespearean sonnet in this tutorial.  Then you'll get a chance to write your own!

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Two Shakespearean Sonnets

Use this to mark and take notes as directed by the video lesson. You will receive a grade and it is due when you turn in your completed sonnet at the end of this lesson.


Shakespeare's Sonnets

View this lesson along with the printout (above). You may need to pause it from time to time to take the proper notes and mark up the sonnets as directed. There are two assignments to turn in at the end: your notes (PDF above) and a sonnet (see below).

Assignment: Write a sonnet

You will have two things to turn in:

  1. The Sonnet handout (download above), complete with notation, notes, and two lines written in iambic pentameter.  You must view the video lesson above for the specifics. Turn in the handout with the sonnet below.
  2. Write a sonnet in correct form.  It must be turned in typed with a decorative border.

You can find the grading rubric here.

Both the handout and the sonnet are due Monday, February 4.