Shape Memory Alloys - Nitinol

Shape Memory Alloys - Nitinol

Author: Miguel Ramirez

Support Tutorials for AP Statistics Course First Semester Project: "Statistical Analysis of the Effectiveness of NiTiNb-CFRP Composite Patches to Rehabilitate Steel Structures" 

Tutorial with basic concepts about the Memory Shape Alloy Nitinol

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3D Animation of Coronary Stent Procedure by Scientific Animations

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Nitinol - Metallic Muscles with Shape Memory., by Thoisoi2 - Chemical Experiments!

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SpaceMETA present NITINOL explanation by MIT, by SpaceMETA

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Hantel Tech Webinar Series: The use of nitinol in medical devices, by JoulesOfWork

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Shape Memory Alloy, by Rambler

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How to make a thermoelectric generator from nitinol wire and copper, by MrTeslonian

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