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Shining Diamantes

Shining Diamantes

Author: Faye Johns

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to create their own diamante poems connecting nouns, adjectives and verbs.

A diamante poem focuses on two antonymous nouns. It uses adjectives, verbs and nouns associated with the two original nouns to create a diamond-shaped poem. Using a video to demonstrate how a diamante poem is made as the example, students will create their own poem at the end to be turned into the teacher during the next class meeting.

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Diamente Poems: A How-To Video

This video is a short introduction to writing diamante (diamond) poems. Diamantes contain seven lines. Lines 1 and 7 will have one word. Those words should be nouns that are antonymous of each other. Lines 2 and 6 will be two adjectives describing the words on lines 1 and 7. Lines 3 and 5 should be three verbs associated with the nouns on lines 1 and 7. These must end in either -ing or -ed. Line 5 should have four words on it: the first two words are nouns associated with the word on line 1 and the last two are nouns associated with the word on line 7. These two groups of nouns on line 4 are separated by three periods (...).