Short form (plain form) sentences in Japanese-1

Short form (plain form) sentences in Japanese-1

Author: Elena Yoo

To learn and practice how to make short form sentences in Japanese.

Listen to the lecture and practice making short form sentences in Japanese.

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Short form sentences in Japanese

Learn how to make short form sentence in Japanese and get out of the beginner level fast!

Answer for 宿題(しゅくだい)- we'll go over them on 1月15日 in class

宿題の答えは1月15日に クラスで いっしょに やります。

Translate the following sentences into Japanse using short form、 〜の、〜のが、〜と思う/思わない。

  1. I like studying Japanese.
  2. Takeshi’s mother is good at cooking.
  3. I hate to do cleaning.
  4. Please don’t take photographs here.
  5. I think Mary is pretty.
  6. I don’t think Takeshi is married (= I think Takeshi is not married)

New Year Date

Taro and Misaki are talking about their new year holiday.

New Year Date

  1. Is Taro going home for the new year holiday?
  2. What did Misaki ask Taro first?
  3. What was Taro's response?
  4. When (date and time) are they going to the destination?

Addtiional shukudai

げんきワークブック の 74ページ、75ぺーじ、78ページ を やってください。