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Short Story Unit

Short Story Unit

Author: Tara Neely

12 Short Stories + 3 Analysis Essays + 1 Long Conclusion Essay = Short Story Boot-camp

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Elements of a Short Story

Step 1: As a review, please view and take notes in you IN Notebook, from the Power Point.

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Quiz yourself...take the quiz @ the top of the boot-camp page

Be certain to write down what score you received. We will need that information for our in class discussion. 

Short Story Boot Camp Assignment and Organizer

Step 2: Read the expectations of the boot-camp.

12 Short Stories + 3 Analysis Essays + 1 Long Conclusion Essay = Short Story Bootcamp


Source: mrs.tara.neely

Short Story Boot Camp

Below you will find the four "camps" from which to choose. You all will be assigned a group in a random manner and then select the short story boot camp.

Source: tara.neely

AP Reading Calendar on Google

Please use the calendar below to keep up with your outside reading, focused annotation, and mini-lesson schedule. It is imperative that you arrive prepared for boot-camp each day. Failure to come prepared will mean...well, it is boot-camp after all.