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Signature Assignment: Organizational Impact of Globalization

Signature Assignment: Organizational Impact of Globalization

Author: david utsey

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Select 3 countries from the following list:  Sweden, Bahrain, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, and the Netherlands.
Write a 1,750-word analysis in which you use Geert Hofstede's dimensions of culture to address the following:
Identify 2 or 3 of the most significant cultural, economic, and political differences between the 3 countries you selected.
Describe a global business decision a company could make that is dependent upon one or more of the cultural, economic, or political influences. 
Assess the impact/outcome of a poor business decision on the organization.
You may present some of your findings in bullet points in a chart, but the paper should be mostly narrative.
Cite a minimum of 4 scholarly sources, at least one of which is peer-reviewed.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 
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