Significant Figures Part 2 (Calculations with Significant Figures)

Significant Figures Part 2 (Calculations with Significant Figures)

Author: Renee Haugen

Students will list rules for number of significant figures will be included in an answer when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. 

Khan Academy on calculating with significant figures

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Worksheet For This Lesson Can Be Found in Another Tutorial:

Source: Renee Haugen

Calculating with Significant Figures--Where do I round off my answers?

Use the Khan Academy video to complete the rest of your Power Notes on sig figs (#8, 9, and 10).

Then Practice, Practice, Practice!

Source: Renee Haugen

Significant Figures--A Fable

Why are significant figures important?



Source: ChemTeam

Calculating with Significant Figures

Calculating with Significant Figures with Khan Academy

Source: Khan Academy YouTube

Practice, Practice, Practice! Click on this link below to practice counting sig figs.

Source: ScienceGeek.net, dallassd