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Significant Help

Author: Natalie Murray

"Dissertation Help" is another significant stride on the ladder to reach ones final academic destination. Just as there is a last lap in a marathon race, "Dissertation Help", among the toughest parts of your academic cruise, is the most memorable and pleasurable if it takes you to the victory stand.

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The majority of UK undergraduate students studying different disciplines undertake a dissertation. There is variability of practice across UK higher education institutions (HEIs) in terms of size, weighting and timing of the work. A dissertation usually forms a substantial part of the final year of studies and can play a significant role in determining the degree classification. In many institutions both staff and students identify the dissertation as the pinnacle of an Honours undergraduate programme of studies. Race (2001) acknowledges that students have to use a variety of skills, and invest a great deal of time and effort, in the production of a dissertation. It is through the completion of a dissertation that a student should demonstrate competence in a range of transferable, key and subject skills, as well as the acquisition and application of Honours-level knowledge and understanding. In the UK, the undergraduate dissertation is seen as an indicator of deep learning, often associated with independent learning, as well as valuable training for either further study and/or employability. Whilst the emphasis here is on the undergraduate dissertation, this is not to deny the existence of dissertations, thesis and extended essays at Master's level and higher. In different Institutes of UK, the focus of study is principally at Master's and Doctorate level. In particular, top UK Universities have written about postgraduate supervision of a thesis. Whatever the level of study and credit value of the work, Todd et al. (2006) acknowledge that dissertations vary from discipline to discipline, institution to institution and country to country. Nevertheless, there are generic common principles that relate to the way in which students are guided through the process.

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