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Signposts: Again and Again

Signposts: Again and Again

Author: Julie Sully
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Again and Again

Events, images, or particular words that reoccur over and over in a portion of the text.

Clues to this signpost

—When you are reading and you notice a word, phrase, object, situation, or idea mentioned over and over…


You Should Ask Yourself...

—You should stop and ask yourself:
—“Why does this keep showing up again and again?”


—The answers will tell you about the THEME and CONFLICT, or they might foreshadow what will happen later.

Assists Readers in Understanding

  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Symbolism
  • Theme
  • Character Development
  • Conflict

Again and Again Moments

Again and Again

Watch the video and answer the following question:

What is the repeated element in this video?

What does it represent?

Reading Log