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Signposts : Aha Moments

Signposts : Aha Moments

Author: Julie Sully
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Aha Moments

—When you are reading and suddenly a character realizes, understands, or finally figures something out (an “Ah-ha!”)…

Clues to this signpost:

Phrases usually expressing a suddenness like:

  • "Suddenly I understood..."
  • "In an instant I knew..."

You should ask yourself...

—You should stop and ask yourself:
—“How might this realization be important or change things?

An Aha Moment reveals change. This questions focuses on that change- for the character or setting.

—If the character figured out a problem, you probably just learned about the CONFLICT.
—If the character understood a life lesson, you probably just learned the THEME.


Assist Readers in Understanding

  • Character Development
  • Internal Conflict
  • Plot
  • Theme

Aha Moments

Watch this video that explains Aha Moments.
Answer the following questions:
1. If a character figures out a problem, you learn about?
2. If a character learns a life-lesson, you learn about?

Aha Moments

Watch the following movie clip.
Ask yourself the following questions:
What id the Aha Moment in this scene?
How might this change things?

Aha Moments

Watch the following video clip and answer the following questions:

What is the Buzz Lightyear's Aha Moment? What does he realize?

How does this change him?

Does this reveal a conflict or a theme?