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Signposts: Contradictions and Contrast

Signposts: Contradictions and Contrast

Author: Julie Sully
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Contradiction and Contrast

—When you are reading and you notice…

  • —a character’s actions are contradictory to (different than) how the character has acted in the past.
  • —a difference among characters (a way that one character acts versus another) is revealed.
  • —a character acts differently than how YOU would behave in a similar situation.
  • —there are contrasting/unexpected story elements, such as plot, setting, etc

You should ask yourself...

—You should stop and ask yourself:
—“Why is the character doing that?”

"Why is this happening?"

“Why are the characters so different from each other?” OR

“Why would the author choose to do this?”

—The answers could help you make a prediction or make an inference about the plot and conflict and author’s purpose.

Assist Readers in Understanding

  • Character Development
  • Internal Conflict
  • Theme
  • Relationship between setting and plot

Reading Log for Contrasts and Contradictions


Contrast and Contradiction

Watch this video that helps explain contrast and contradiction.

Answer this question:
What can the answers to your questions help you do with the text?

Contrast and Contradiction

Watch the following video:

Ask yourself the following questions:

Why is this character doing this?

Why is this happening?

What is the purpose?

La Luna

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

1. What are the differences in the characters?
2. What does this difference reveal to us?
3. What are the unexpected story elements? (plot, setting etc.)
4. What is revealed to us through all of these contrasts and contradictions?