Signposts: Tough Questions

Signposts: Tough Questions

Author: Julie Sully
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Tough Questions

—When you are reading and the character is confused or uncertain and asks him/herself a difficult question that doesn’t have an easy answer…(the answer may shape his/her life)…

You should ask yourself ...

—You should stop and ask yourself:

  • —“What does this question tell me about the character?” OR
  • “How might the character answer it?” OR
  • “How might the answer affect the story?”

—The answers will tell you about the CONFLICT and might foreshadow later events.

Assist Readers in Understanding

  • Internal Conflict
  • Theme
  • Character Development

Tough Questions

Watch the following video on Tough Questions.

Tough Questions

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

What is the "tough question" that Mulan asks herself?

What does it reveal about her and her internal struggle?