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Signs of Reviews You Can Trust on the Internet

Signs of Reviews You Can Trust on the Internet

Author: Paul Gain

As a student stressing over a new writing assignment, custom writing services come to mind. Reliable services employ professional writers who can craft any paper or essay, no matter how complex, at affordable prices. The question that arises is what services are actually trustworthy and which are bent to cheating naïve students.

Reviews are a great way to find trustworthy support for your writing needs. However, since the Internet is full of fake or paid reviews, you also need to learn how to recognize genuine opinions and thus have the full confidence that a service you plan to hire will not scam you.

Top Signs That You Can Trust A Review on the Internet

Read on to discover the top signs that you can fully trust a review on the Internet and rest assured that it was written by a genuine customer.

It’s Realistic

A good way to tell that a review is fake is that it includes many exaggerations like “This is the best service ever!” or, on the contrary, “This is the worst service ever!”, and “They have the worst prices!”. A review that is 100% positive could be paid for by the service’s marketing team, and one that is 100% negative could be paid for by the service’s competitors looking to hurt the business.

Genuine reviews are realistic and thus refer to both good and less good aspects because no reliable service can be absolutely bad or absolutely perfect. You should always be suspicious of excessive praise or exaggerated criticism.

It Doesn’t Use A Commercial Tone

A customer giving an opinion on a service will not use over the top language. Real customers usually write concise reviews in short sentences, referring to precise details that make the experience stand out for them. General claims are a good clue that the opinion does not come from personal experience. 

If the review sounds like a commercial, it probably is. Reviews should not sound like a sales pitch, but be rather informative instead of pushy. A good example is this Studymoose review, where the writing service is presented in clear and concise sentences that refer to real, tested features. If you want to order a paper or essay from Studymoose, this page amply presents you all the good and the bad, and this proves its authenticity.

It Will not Show Up Under Different Names

If the same review is posted in several locations on the Internet, that might be a sign that it’s fake. The same is true about reviews with almost identical sentences. Moreover, if identical texts are posted in various places yet each time under a different name, that is an obvious sign of cheating, and it means that someone is paid to widen the distribution of their review as much as possible.

It’s Not Vague

If a review is long and seems to touch upon many things, yet it remains strangely vague, failing to provide concrete information, that could be a sign of its fakeness. Fake reviewers throw in a lot of details, but all their details are either insignificant or focus on general aspects that could be said about any other similar service, like “good customer support” or “good work”.

When they lie, people use irrelevant details to make their claims seem honest, and the same happens with the writers of the reviews. Make sure that the facts presented are not just an attempt to overwhelm you with information, so you ignore the red flags. Trustworthy reviewers stay specific because they write about the things that impressed them in either a positive or negative way, thus it makes no sense for them to use vague language.

Since everyone can write anything on the Internet, even without having used the service they’re referring to, you should definitely not blindly trust everything you read. Because fake reviews follow the same predictable recipe, it’s not very difficult to identify them with a bit of attention. Look out for the signs above, and you will be armed with the proper tools to find reliable services.

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