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Signs That the Review You Are Reading Is Purchased

Signs That the Review You Are Reading Is Purchased

Author: Portman Guy

Buying essays and college has become the norm in this era. As a student, you may choose to trust your assignment to a professional, and that is a good idea. It guarantees an excellent grade in all your assignment, thus improving your overall GPA. However, some sites are not genuine and their main aim is to scam unsuspecting students.

How to Detect Purchased Reviews

Before we dive into the topic at hand, let’s first turn our attention on a very crucial question, “what is cheating when it comes to review-writing?” This can be termed as using unfair methods to gain some benefits or using misleading information to gain clients for a particular website.

Some reviews are bought to paint a picture of a successful writing service while the services offered are the complete opposite. So, how do you tell a bought review from a legit one? Below are signs that you should be on the lookout for when reading reviews online.

Overuse of verbs in the review

A genuine review uses very limited verbs and personal pronouns. A candid client will simply leave a comment about a product and their personal experience. However, a bought review tries too hard to appear genuine, thus the overuse of verbs and personal pronouns.

If you are reading a review about an essay service, look for reviews that are short and precise. Those long and exaggerated ones are often fake and bought as a marketing strategy. They want to seem perfect, even when they are not. They want to portray themselves as those who do the most.


When looking to unveil bought reviews, you might as well look for repetition of some specific words or phrases. If you find that the same structure of words and phrases are used in more than one review, there is a high chance that those were left by a fake client who may have been paid or owns some shares in the promoted company.

Apparently, these incidences are very common, especially among upcoming sites. For instance, if you are reading a StudyPool review, you have to check for the repetition of certain phrases or words. You have to study the pool of reviews about the site to note such issues. A legit review of the StudyPool or any other site highlights the essential parts using very few words, like a review on EssayReviewExpert.

Grammatical errors

There’s a certain way through which credible customers express their opinion. In most cases, they will leave a simple and easy to understand the comment. The quality of the grammar used is good, and you can see how natural their expression seems.

However, a bought review will have many grammar and spelling errors since the one writing it is only after the money. These comments and articles often have a lot of words that are meant to convince clients rather than inform them. You can tell.

Over-praised services

If a service or website is excellent, you don’t have to hype it too much. Its services will sell themselves and draw in more clients. Therefore, if you come across a review that is overselling the services offered, you need to take it as a red flag. If they are struggling to sell, they might not be offering the right services. They could be a scam!

Instead, look for simple and revealing reviews that are about the essential things. A legit assessment should focus on the services offered, quality of customer service, charges and quality of writers hired by the site. Rarely should it talk about the advantages and benefits of working with the site.

Timing of the reviews

If you are looking at reviews left by clients, you may as well consider the timing of these comments. If you are keen enough, you may find that comments that look almost familiar are left almost or within the same timeline. You’ll find that such comments are left on a daily or weekly basis. This means that there’s a high chance they were written by the same person.

Random clients will leave comments at random times; no pattern detected.

Last Words

Can write fake reviews to lure in clients be considered cheating? The answer is yes. It is a violation of business ethics. Regardless, most upcoming businesses and websites will use this as a strategy to draw in clients. To avoid falling into this trap laid by scam sites, you can rely on the above tips to note fake reviews online. Good luck!

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