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Similarities and Differences in Culture

Similarities and Differences in Culture

Author: Jamie Ayers

Learning about similarities and differences among the different cultures in the classroom. 

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The Crayon Box That Talked

I have prepared for you a video of my reading the book The Crayon Box That Talked. Please pay close attention as I read the book. You are going to be doing a little activity that goes along with the book after you go through the glog. If you need to go back and review the book again please watch the video again. Keep in mind how the crayons feeling change throughout the book.

Source: ME!

Crayon Box Glog

After you have watched the video please click on the hyper link to go through the glog. Remember to follow the numbers to go through the glog. Enjoy!  Hyper link: Crayon Box

The Crayon Box That Talked Sheet


Directions: This is the activity you are to complete. Answer each questions fully. If you need to review the book again please go back and watch the video again. You are to print this out and bring your completed copy to school. 

The Crayon Box That Talked



1.   Draw a picture of your bedroom with only one color. Why did you choose this color?








2.    How you are you unique? Draw a picture that shows how you are unique!








3.   Draw a picture using all the crayons of our classroom community! Write a number next to each student. *There are 20 people in the class.


Source: ME!