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Simple Columnar Epithelium

Simple Columnar Epithelium

Author: Aaron Mullally

- be able to identify simple columnar epithelium by understanding its morphology

- know where simple columnar epithelium is located

- know that this tissue has microvilli on its apical surface to increase its absorption ability

- know what a goblet cell is and what it produces and secretes

Here is an overview of simple columnar epithelia

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Overview of Simple Columnar Epithelium

Simple columnar epithelium
- single row of of tall, narrow cells
- have microvilli on the apical (top) surface of the cells
- also contain many mucous producing cells called goblet cells
- found in areas of the body with high levels of mucus secretion and where absorption takes place such as the kidneys and lining of the small intestine

Here is a useful website:

Source: Self Made

Simple Columnar Epithelium

Here is an explanation of simple columnar epithelium

Source: Self made with use of images from Marieb's Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology &

Images of Simple Columnar Epithelium

Here are some images of simple columnar epithelium for you to study. On the last image you can see the vasculature of the intestinal villi. I put this in here to illustrate the importance of absorbing food into the bloodstream and how this is done.