Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense

Author: Karima Mann

The objective of this tutorial is to learn how to correctly use the simple future tense in French.

This tutorial is an introduction to the simple future tense in French.  You will learn:

  • when to use the simple future tense
  • how to form the simple future tense

Follow these steps as you proceed through the tutorial:

  1. Watch a video presentation on the simple future tense
  2. Take notes in the Viewing Guide
  3. Complete the quiz
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Futur Simple - Viewing Guide

This document is a PDF file of a viewing guide.
Download the file and record your notes while you are watching the video.

Full Screen

Source: Karima Mann

Le Futur Simple

Tutorial on the use and formation of the future tense (futur simple) in French.

Source: Karima Mann