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Simple Game Creation with Scratch - Feed the Shark

Simple Game Creation with Scratch - Feed the Shark

Author: Lori Lind

This short series of videos will lead you step by step to creating a video game using the online version of Scratch - a visual programming tool from MIT.  This will take you approximately 2 hours to complete the entire game.

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Start Game & Add a Sprite

How to create a game in scratch, add a spite and re-size it.

Shark Movement with Arrow Keys

Program the left and right arrow keys for the user to move the shark on the screen.

Paint a Sprite

Create something for our shark to eat - learn to paint a sprite.

Sprite Descends

The 'bait fish' moves down the screen and is reset if the shark touches it.

Initialize a Score

Create a variable called score and add to the game.

Increment the Score

If the 'bait fish' touches the shark, increment the score.

Game Over Screen

Create a screen that will be displayed when the user loses the game.

Testing if Game is Over

Script to test if the 'bait fish' made it to the bottom of the screen without touching the shark.

Game is Over

Stop the action and show the game over screen.

Final Touches

How to name your game and document it.