Simplifying Expressions

Simplifying Expressions


You will be able to use the Order of Operations to simplify expressions.To prove this, you will complete the quiz at the end of watching the videos. Come to class prepared with one or two questions from the tutorial, for participation points.

Watch the following videos by Friday August 6th

Create Cornell Notes for 2 videos

  1. PEMDAS - Order of Operations (Rap)
  2. Combining Like Terms

Complete quiz after videos and reviewing notes

Come to class prepared with questions from the tutorial

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PEMDAS-Order of Operations (Rap)

In this video you will learn what PEMDAS is and why it is so important for Algebra I. The teacher Mr. C is very creative and has created a video to help you understand Order of Operations. I hope you enjoy watching this video, the little girl is hilarious.

Combining Like Terms

In this video you will learn how to combine terms/pictures that are the same. Look up "Chuck Norris" on the internet or ask one of your parents who he is, if you do not already know.