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Simply Learning Centers

Simply Learning Centers

Author: Carrie Smith
  • Demonstrate how easily unique center ideas are found in this blog.
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Simply Learning Centers is a blog that was created to assist teachers in finding new and creative ways to incorporate centers into their classrooms. Every elementary classroom experiences a time during the day when their students have the opportunity to explore different centers around the room. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that these centers are not only appealing to the students, but also educational. By visiting this blog, teachers can search and sort through tons of center ideas in order to find just the right center for their own classroom to make this interactive time as educational as possible.

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Free Downloads

There are thousands of posts that have been made on this site that will link you directly to an area where you can download and print information on new and exciting centers for your classroom. Take a look at some of the examples below...

FREE SAMPLE of Thanksgiving Literacy Centers unit: Spanish

"Dia de accion de gracias Literacy Centers Unit
This free sample includes:
-alphabet letter matching upper to lowercase letters A-D
-beginning sounds (4 word cards)
-count the syllables (4 word cards)
-letter tile mats (2 word cards)
Thanks for your interest in Kinder Latino.
Lidia R. Barbosa"


FREE Monster Problem Solving Math Center

"In this center children use colored monsters to assist with solving word problems. This center can be used again and again as it includes 16 different word problems using 5, 6, 7 or 8 monsters.
This center is a perfect add-on to my "Monster Math Activity Pack". You can purchase it from my TpT store."