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Simulation Examples

Simulation Examples

Author: Miguel Ramirez

This tutorial purpose is to give examples of how computer simulation is used in science and engineering

Computer simulation examples are given for Mechanical Engineering, Astronomy, weather, driving, and some Philosophical implications

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Simulation Simple Contact (Solidworks)

Mechanical Engineering streess simulation of shaft and bearings, using Solidworks.

SolidWorks Simulation Professional Fatigue

Design a Better Frame with SolidWorks Simulation

How a Differential Works and Types of Differentials

OMSI The Bus Simulator - Spitterberg Line 17 HD

Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Collision Simulated

Compute Modeling

Source: MindTV35 at YouTube:

Do We live in a Computer Simulation, By Nick Bostrom


Nick Bostrom - The Simulation Argument

Source: dam Ford at YouTube:

Is the Universe a Computer Simulation?

Source: PrisonPlanetLive at YouTube:

Scientists Confirm That Reality is an Illusion Our 3D Universe Is A Hologram

Source: alskinss at YouTube: