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Sing along time

Sing along time

Author: Kevin Macatangay
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Quarter Review and Sing Along

Please complete the quiz before singing. 

The quiz this week will be on the many different subjects we covered in the past tutorials. If you need to, you may go to the other tutorials to go and check to make sure you have the correct answer. It will be like an open book test; but rather than a book, our book will be the past tutorials. 

Instructions for Sing Along

1- Sing along to at minimum of 6 song.

2- Enjoy Yourself

Extra Credit Opportunity

1- Pick one of the songs below


Option 1: Make a short video showcasing you singing along, dancing, and having fun to the song you chose. 

Option 2: Write a paragraph on what you heard in the song that you chose that made you chose it. 

Keep in mind all the past tutorials. You may write about the note types, musical instruments, and/or your favorite parts of the song. 

3- You may email your extra credit to

This Extra Credit Opportunity is worth an 97-100 in all the incomplete tutorials. 

*the quiz points for completing all past tutorial quizzes will not show up on, due to the fact that you will not be completing them on Although in the grade book the grades will reflect all assignments 

The Extra Credit Opportunity should be submitted by Thursday May 28, 2020 11:59:59pm to receive credit. 

Please plan accordingly 

How Far I’ll Go

Sing Along to this song. Have fun!!!

Source: rysposito

Shake It Off

Wiggle around while singing along to this song. It will make it more fun.

Source: Cartoon Clips HD

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Source: Disney

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

This one is going to be fun. Follow along with all the fun made up words in this song.

Source: Disney

Go the Distance

Sing along to this awesome song.

Source: Disney

Stand Out

Listen, read, and sing along. This is 90s music- Disney Style

Source: Disney


Sing Along with this iconic Disney song from Mulan.

Source: Disney

Colors of the Wind

Source: Disney

Everything is Honey

Sing along to this super happy Pooh’s perspective of life.

Source: Disney

Dig A Little Deeper

This song has a nice Cajun flare to it. Enjoy and sing along

Source: Disney

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

Source: Disney

Part of Your World

Source: Disney