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5 Tutorials that teach Skeletal Disorders/trastornos del sistema esquelético
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Skeletal Disorders/trastornos del sistema esquelético

Skeletal Disorders/trastornos del sistema esquelético


This lesson will give an overview of various disorders of the skeleton.

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Trastornos del sistema esquelético

Esta lección repasa los diversos trastornos que afectan el sistema esquelético.

Terms to Know
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The inflammation of tendons in the wrist which then press on surrounding nerves caused by repeated motion.

Compound Fracture

A break in which the bone shatters causing a significant amount of soft tissue damage.


​A disorder in which two bones of a joint are no longer in contact with each other.


The wearing away of cartilage that occurs between joints which can lead to inflammation and the formation of small protrusions on bones near the joint called bone spurs.


​A disorder in which the bone tissue deteriorates over time.

Simple Fracture

​A break in which the bone is still in one piece and minimal or no tissue damage occurs.


​A torn ligament or tendon caused by overuse.

​Complete Fracture

​A break in which the bone separates into two and tissue damage occurs.


​An overuse injury that stretches a tendon past its normal point.