Skeletal System-Cole

Skeletal System-Cole

Author: Sheri Cole
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Skeletal System BAT List

You should be able to:

* name the major organs of the skeletal system.

* name five functions of the skeletal system.

* label the four tissues found in a bone and describe their function.

* define a joint, and give examples of fixed and movable joints.

* identify three types of connective tissues, and explain what they connect.

Skeletal System- Cole

Watch this video and take notes on your skeletal system note sheet. Use your notes to answer the submit questions on the form above. Then, click on the quizlet link in order to complete your skeletal system vocabulary sheet.

Skeletal System Note Sheet

Watch the video notes above and complete this note sheet. Then, use your notes to correctly answer the submit form questions.

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Skeletal System Quizlet

Go to the link below to complete the vocabulary page for the skeletal system.



Source: Sam Youts

Skeletal System Vocabulary sheet

Go to quizlet to complete the definitions for this sheet.

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