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Skepticism & Logic

Skepticism & Logic

Author: Jody Garin

The objective of this tutorial is to give the viewer the basic information necessary to understand the concepts for, and purpose of the elective class Skepticism & Logic.

Students will become advanced critical thinking observers with an understanding of the processes and methods used to evaluate pseudoscientific and pseudo-historical claims.

Students will understand the concept of Spinoza's Dictum where they will not ridicule, bewail or mock as much as understand why people think the way they do.

Students will evaluate the claims, the objective evidence and the logical conclusions to draw when hearing fantastic claims.

Overall, the class is a critical thinking class devoted to the process of thinking clearly about paranormal, pseudoscientific and other claims made by those who either believe in the junk science that is constantly presented to us, or who promote any aspect of non-critical thought. An evaluation of the media's role in this process is also looked at extensively as it many times is the unwitting promoter of ridiculous claims. From the farcical claims of TV psychics to the "Culture of Fear," to the conspiracy theorists and even to marketing ploys and political drivel from both sides, the class will understand how to evaluate such information, evaluate it, and learn how to tell the difference.

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