Sketchbook Habit

Sketchbook Habit


The objective of this assignment is 1. to promote a regular habit of entering thoughts and drawing materials into an encompassing sketchbook, 2. to increase time focus, and 3. to create a basic portfolio of drawing skills that can be assessed by a teacher of shared with peers.

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how to make a regular drawing habit

"How do you keep a regular drawing habit? This is a tough one, even for most pros.  Often our drawing time, is in  the fact, what we do this for a living. We're "forced" to do it. Which  inevitably makes drawing into "work" not pleasure.  Most pros end up  doing something other than drawing to unwind.That said, how do we get past that?First, either buy or make a sketchbook, then...Schedule it.  Schedule 15 Minutes a day to draw.  That's all, just 15 minutes. At lunch, at night, before you go to work...etc.  Make the time. If you  have time to play a video game, watch TV, surf the web, read...you sure  as heck have the time to draw for 15 minutes. I know a friend here at work that takes his sketchbook to the bathroom.  It's sounds gross but it's good "multi-tasking." Time well spent.It's only 15 minutes.Sometimes you'll find those 15 minutes will turn into more, but sometimes not.  At least you've got your time in. .How do you get past the "beginner's hump?" Pick easy wins.  15 minutes a day is doable. What do you draw everyday and how do you do it? What is in front you?

  • Your breakfast
  • Your lunch
  • The salt and pepper shakers
  • Trees
  • People
  • A building
  • Rocks