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Author: Scott Smith

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to know what slope is.  You will be able to find the slope of a line when given 2 points, and you will be able to solve for a missing coordinate when given the slope of the line that goes through the points.  You wil be able to answer and explain assessment level problems.

Slope is a concept that is relevant in everyday life.  Slope is a constant that helps people to analyze the change in quantity over time.  Slope is a multiplier, a constant, and a useful tool for finding out past changes, and predicting future changes.

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Slope, Proportions, Rate of Change

Here's your homework!

Source: Mr Smith

Slope, Proportions, and Rate of Change

Source: Mr Smith,


Source: Mr Smith, Glencoe

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Khan Slope

Source: Khan Academy

Khan Slope 2

Source: Khan Academy

Other examples


Source: Glencoe Textbook