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Slope Intercept Form

Slope Intercept Form

Author: Michael Morgan

If you're having a hard time with slope-intercept form hopefully this will help you "climb the slope." By that I mean learn slope intercept form, starting with the basics.

We start with a basic equation to help you understand the steps it takes to solve linear equations. We explain all the variables in the equation to help you get a thorough understanding. From there, we show you how to plot an equation on a graph. After showing how to do this, we give you a written review so you can reference the steps without searching through the vid.

-Mike Morgan and Andrew Cero!, tag team of ownage

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Slope-Intercept Form

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Practice Problems

Graphing Using a Table

When using a table to graph, be sure to use a positive number, negative number, and zero. This will always give you a good interpretation of the equation being graphed.