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Slot Machine Symbols

Slot Machine Symbols

Author: Takuma Tanaka

Our life is full of symbols. In fact, they are everywhere. The text that you are now reading is nothing else but a set of signs put together and called an alphabet. It is used to form syllables, words, then phrases, sentences, and finally, texts. This is how communication emerges from within the darkness of misunderstanding, letting us, the people, stay connected to each other by sending various messages. Yet, humanity has reached an immense level of progress, and now we have taught machines to send us messages that can either bring us delight or detest us to a great extent.

How It Works

Before we take to explaining the very symbols, let us first deal with the mechanism that actually makes them appear on the screen. As soon as you start playing the game, you hit a button, which gives the code or the mechanism (depending on where you play) the command to spin the wheels and provide a set of random signs on the screen. Playing in an online casino is a far better option, as it uses the random number generator, which minimizes and even eradicates the probability of fraud.

As a matter of fact, choosing an online casino is an important process that requires either advanced Internet research skills or knowledge were to read some proper online casino reviews. For example, you heard from your friend that Vera & John Casino is a decent option, but your friend is a newbie to the world of online gambling, just like you. Reading a professional review on PikachuCasinos would be a wise decision, as here you will get all the information you need, just like about the Vera & John Online casino, from verified experts. As soon as you’ve chosen the platform to play in, you can proceed with learning the types of symbols.

Types of Symbols in Online Slots

As a matter of fact, there are seven different types of symbols in video slots. The majority of them are descendants of the legendary signs and images from such all-time classic games, like Liberty Bell, One-Armed Bandit, etc. Of course, Charles Fey, the man who invented slot machines, did not think that they were going to cover such a long distance in history to reach the progress in gambling he could have never dream of.

Well, the Bell-Fruit Gum Company did, and they made sure that the worlds of technology and gambling would merge for the sake of a common benefit. As has already been mentioned, there are seven types of symbols in online slots, and below you can find a brief description of each of them.


It seems like the title speaks for itself. Those are the ordinary symbols to be met in video slots, including the King, the Ace, the Queen, the Ten, etc. Long story short, there is nothing special about them, as they can be met in every game, and they might differ based on your game provider or a designer’s vision.


It’s logical to move on to the bonus symbols, as this is exactly what we all expect from playing slots. They can have any shape they like. For example, it can be a fruit, a vegetable, literary everything to falls within the thematic tone of the game. Now, the special thing with the bonus symbols is that they can be broken down into five other types of bonus signs.

For instance, scatter symbols are bonuses that are hard to find. Yet, their effect is not dependent on the pay line, as their effect can be triggered independently, and it makes them especially valuable. Then, we have the multiplier symbols, which generally look like this 2X, 3X, 4X, etc. 


As you can see, online slot symbols can be divided into two general categories: standard symbols and bonus symbols. While there is almost nothing to say about the standard symbols, it should be acknowledged that the more bonus symbols a game features, the higher is your chance of winning. Yet, you should remember that the best way of choosing a casino is by reading a reliable review about it.

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