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Small companies` secrets

Small companies` secrets

Author: Bellamy Harris

Usually customers don’t know small company secrets that are aimed at being more efficient in business. For example, there is a certain order of gathering the order in McDonald’s. Ice-cream, if ordered, is the last one to go on the tray, for if it goes first, it can melt down. Well, be ready to spill on some of our company’s secrets just to make you feel secure when choosing essay services and so on.

Everyone believes that discipline is important when it comes to such a fragile thing as writing. That’s why everyone should have his own ways to control the writers and make sure your orders are of the highest quality. Staff should be familiar with the system of penalties that can be imposed on them is any of the listed below happens:

Writers fail to meet deadlines. Depending on how long an order was overdue, a writer is charged a certain sum of money per page. The more he is delayed, the bigger his penalty fee is, up to paying for the order himself. Considering some big orders (like dissertation), this kind of checking on writer’s work proves to be extremely effective.
Writer commits plagiarism and understands that after the deadline, plagiarism is on your top list of academic concerns. Taking it into consideration, and developing a set of rules under which writer is responsible for committing plagiarism. You should consider it the most serious offense. When you hire writers, please highlight the fact that the company should have zero plagiarism tolerance. That’s why every order is scanned with special software, and be are ready to provide customers with free plagiarism reports. If instance of plagiarism is detected, a writer becomes a subject to a serious penalty – up to firing.
Writer decides not to follow customer’s instructions. Special editors check the order before sending it to a customer. They have the list of requirements in front of them, and if they see major violations, they send it back to the writer for revision.
Also, make sure writers are accurate in writing, meaning there are no mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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