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Small Intestine/EL intestino delgado

Small Intestine/EL intestino delgado


This lesson will examine the structure of the small intestine and its role in digestion.

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Small Intestine/El intestino delgado

En esta lección vamos a hablar acerca de la estructura y función del intestino delgado.

Terms to Know

An enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates in the digestive system.


The first section of the small intestine.


The last section of the small intestine which connects to the large intestine.


The middle section of the small intestine.


An enzyme that breaks down fats in the digestive system.


Hair-like projections that cover villi and aid in absorption of nutrients.


Wave-like muscle contractions that push contents through the small intestine.

Small Intestine

A part of the digestive tract where the majority of nutrients are absorbed.


Small finger-like projections that line the mucosa and act to increase surface area and absorb nutrients.