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Smart Board

Smart Board

Author: Danielle Burbage

To show educators how to:

  • set up a Smart Board
  • use tricks on their Smart Board
  • different software that can be downloaded using the Smart Board

My mother is an educator and after talking with her she said one thing that her and other educators would like to know more about are Smart Boards, and how to get the most use out of their Smart Board. This will be a packet with links, vidoes and visuals showing educators how to use their Smart Board. 

Smart Boads were introduced to the world in 1991 in order to replace the regular white dry erase boards. Smart Boards are used with a projector displaying a computers video output onto the white board. These Smart Boards have the capablity to register only one touch on the screen at a time, but in 2009 with the upgrade of the Smart Board it has dual-touch  capablities. These boards come with four pens, which use digital ink, which replaces the old dry erase makers. Smart Boards have definitely taken over causing the old fashion dry erase boards to be use less often in the classrooms.

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How to set up a Smart Board

This video is a step by step video on how to set up a Smart Board. Basically Smart Board for dummies.

5 Tips & Tricks for the Smart Board

This is a helpful video that shows little tricks that all teachers need to know in order to navigate through their Smart Boards.

Smart Education Solutions

This cite is a great source for educators to be about to access that will have tutorials, free downloads and many new ideas for their classroom and the world of Smart Boards.

Smart Board software

Here is different software that you can download or work with using a Smart Board.