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SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook

Author: Jaime Donally

The objective for the listener is to learn how to use some of the basic features of SMART Notebook for their own content creation.  I show some of the basic and some advanced features of Notebook and how to adjust some of the features already available in the file.  

The lesson is available for others to get a basic understanding of SMART Notebook as it is a different software than most people are familiar with.  Although the program has much to offer, it does have a learning curve.  The video tutorial allows the user to get some beginning and advance usage of the software so they can repeat the same steps for their own creation.  

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SMART Notebook with Response Tab

I created a video tutorial to help teachers customize my Whack-A-Mole game I designed in SMART Notebook. Feel free to download my game at
Check out my website at

Whack-A-Mole Game Images

View the images of the game to follow along with the video tutorial.