Author: Curtis Carlisle

This is a tutorial going over a soccer unit in a physical education class. Students will learn rules and strategies regarding soccer before coming to class.

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Soccer is a game played with 11 players on a each team. A team consists of 10 players who play with their feet, and one goal-keeper who can use his hands legally. There are three referees who ref each match. The goal of soccer is to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal, and to defend the ball from going into your own goal. If the ball goes out of bounds over the sideline, a throw-in is completed. If illegal touching has occurred, a free-kick is called, where the ball remains stationary and one player on the team who was fouled kicks the ball. When a player passes it to another player on his/her team who is in between the goal-keeper and the rest of the opposing team, an off-sides will be called. The team who scores more goal is the winner.