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Social Convention

Social Convention


This lesson discusses the role of familial and cultural influences on the religious life of the individual.

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Video Transcription

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to this tutorial on social convention. Social convention is often influenced by the dominant religion or religions in a society. Religion can almost be invisible.

But there is this twofold influence. Religion influences society. And society in turn, influences religion.

This process is going on all of the time, almost in the background. To the extent that the individual can be influenced by society or by religion without even really being aware of it. So we could say that religion is the white noise in society. It's just the permanent background that we're not even aware that it's there. It's ever-present, but not necessarily in the conscious mind.

We should also say that the family plays an important role in the religious lives of an individual. Sons and daughters tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents. And so religion can get passed down through the generations. Again, oftentimes, without even being aware of it, society just has a way of perpetuating certain ideas and belief systems. And so we often take for granted, the conclusions of society and the conclusions of religion. And don't even notice them as especially worthy of comment. Because they're just ever present.

So far we said that social convention is often highly affected by religion, even though the individuals in that society might not necessarily be aware of it. We said that religion becomes the white noise or the permanent background of the mores in a society. We said that family plays an important role in religion and that sons and daughters tend to follow the religion that they were raised in.

We just have two vocabulary terms. "Social convention," which refers to the customs derived from the norms or standard practices of a society. And that "white noise" is a steady unchanging noise that eventually ceases to be noticed.

Terms to Know
Social Convention

Customs derived from the norms or standard practices of a society

White Noise

A steady, or unchanging noise that eventually ceases to be noticed.