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Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will examine the social learning theory of personality that combines learning principles, cognition, and the effects of social relationships.

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Source: Video created by Barbara Ludins

Notes on "Social Learning Theory"


(00:00-01:03) Social Learning Theory

(01:04-04:45) Principles

(04:46-05:02) Self-efficacy

(05:03-05:33) Recap

  • Expectancy

    We learn to expect a response or a consequence following a behavior; from this, we learn to anticipate the response if we engage in a behavior.

  • Reinforcement Value

    Costs/benefits have different values depending upon the individuals.

  • Self Efficacy

    Belief in our own ability to perform a behavior, that we are competent to accomplish specific tasks

  • Imitation

    Modeling or repeating behaviors we have seen others perform.