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2 Tutorials that teach Social Learning Theory and Collaborative Teaching and Learning
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Social Learning Theory and Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Social Learning Theory and Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson you will learn the 5 components of social learning theory, reciprocal determinism, and how social learning theory supports collaborative teaching and learning in the classroom.

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Collaborative Learning Environments

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Notes on “Social Learning Theory and Collaborative Teaching Tools”


(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-00:58) Social Learning Theory

(00:59-02:17) 5 Elements of Social Learning

(02:18-02:46) Reciprocal Determinism

(02:47-03:15) Collaborative Learning

(03:16-03:30) Reflection

(03:31-04:00) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Lev Vygotsky and Social Learning Theories

This page provides an overview of Lev Vygotsky's social learning theory. The information is concise and easy to understand as presented.

Cooperative Learning Strategy and Social Learning Theory

This entry explains how using social learning theory and technology enhances collaboration in the classroom. According to the author, when cooperative learning is combined with gaming, student engagement increases.

GETTING STARTED: A Guide to Collaboration in the Classroom

Although this is an older guide for higher education, it is research based and the practices apply to K-12. Significantly, the guide provides reflective activities as a way to assess your current level of collaboration in your classroom. It is a great how-to guide to reflect on and get started with collaborative learning.