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Social Media/ Digital Communication

Social Media/ Digital Communication

Author: Marissa Wood

The learner will have a better understanding of the impact social media and digital communications has on society and they will know how to make sure they are creating quality content when contributing.

Elements of Communication (Digital Comm)

Objective:  1. To define digital communication.

2. To outline appropriate media to deliver digital products.

Assessment Evidence:  TLW understand what digital communication is and some of the media forms it is used in. TLW also see the importance of it in their daily lives and future.

Relevance:  We communicate every day, a lot of the time using digital media. We need to learn to be effective communicators to function in society and later on get jobs with our communication skills, including our proficiency using digital media. Show video clips of big businesses and small businesses talking about the impact that digital communications and social media has on their business.

Guided Practice: Students will get into pairs, they will research a company and their digital communication department or they will research a company’s job openings regarding Digital Comm/media. They will share their findings with the class after 5-10 minutes has passed.

Ending Summary/Reflection/Closure:  As we continue on this path of booming technology, it is necessary to acknowledge the digital communication forefront. It is upon us and the younger you are and the more you can conquer elements of digital communication, you put yourself in a great position in the future.

Exit Ticket: Create a Tweet using 140 characters or less about digital communication and what you learned today.

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Social Media Revolution 2013

Social Media Revolution 2013


Return on investment


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