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Social Stratification

Social Stratification

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will define, discuss, and describe social stratification. The class system and caste system will be defined. The impact of the industrial revolution, societies, and social mobility will be delineated.

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Terms to Know
Caste System

A rigid system of social stratification that does not allow for social mobility.

Class System

A system of social stratification based on economic achievements in the lifecourse.

Industrial Revolution and Societies

The industrial revolution and the transition to industrial capitalism largely got rid of caste systems of social stratification and replaced them with less rigid and more flexible class systems of stratification.

Social Inequality

A condition in which members of a society have different amounts of wealth, power, and prestige.

Social Mobility

The degree to which one can move upwards or downwards in society.

Social Stratification

Like layers of soil, or "strata," social stratification is the hierarchical layering of groups of people in society from high to low.