Social Studies Unit

Social Studies Unit


Students will be able to identify key events that led to the creation of the United States. Student will learn and start to understand the history of NJ. Students will build an understanding of the creation of the US and the historical information of New Jersey.

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Unit Plan

Hello Boys and Girls! So today is day one of our new Social Studies unit! I want you to find out more about the creation of the United States and the state of New Jersey. For both of these information sites , I want you to summarize what you learned. Then , I want you to create one question on what you would like to learn more about. We are all going to have different questions about our History and I want to be able to discuss each of your questions fully and we will discuss them together.So, what is the game plan for your homework???

1. Watch the one video and watch the Prezi presentation below.

2. Summarize each into 2 paragraphs. One paragraph per topic. (NJ & US)

3.  Type up your summary and bring in a hard copy in class.

3. Then, take the open ended quiz. The link is below! 

Now, Watch, Read , Summarize and Question! 

The Creation of the United States - Video 1

There are key events that led to the creation of the UNITED states. Due to the past things that affected the new colonists, they rebelled and changed things for the better.

NJ Prezi

New Jersey history

Open ended quiz

Test your state skills for extra credit!

Here is a fun game on history.com that times you on your knoweldge of geopgraphy. How fast can you place the state?! Play and let me know your highest score! Good luck!