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Socialization: The Life Course

Socialization: The Life Course

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will discuss how socialization impacts people at different stages of the life course, including during childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

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Terms to Know

A socially constructed period of the life course that is associated with the teenage years that is often confusing to navigate because it is caught between childhood and adulthood.


A socially constructed period of the life course that comes after the teenage years and goes until about age sixty. This is the period where most of our accomplishments take place, including raising a family and pursuing a career.


Discrimination against the elderly and the ageing in society.


A socially constructed period of the life course that goes from birth to approximately age 12.


A group of people that share some common characteristic like age.


A social arrangement in which the elderly have the most power, wealth, and prestige.


The study of the biological and social aspects of ageing and the elderly.

Old Age

A socially constructed period of the life course that refers to the later years in life, generally those after sixty.


The lifelong process of learning one's culture and of internalizing the norms and behaviors considered appropriate of adults in society.