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Societal Protection

Societal Protection

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will define, examine, and discuss societal protection, criminal recidivism, death penalty, community-based corrections, probation, shock probation, and parole.

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Introduction to Sociology

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  • Criminal Recidivism

    Repeated criminal offenses. Any offense after an initial offense is an example of criminal recidivism.

  • Death Penalty

    A sentence of death reserved for severe crimes.

  • Parole

    When an inmate is released early and gets to serve the rest of his or her sentence outside the prison under the loose supervision of a parole officer.

  • Shock Probation

    A form of punishment where the judge sends the offender to prison for a part of the sentence to "shock" them, and then lets them serve the rest of their sentence in the community with probation conditions.

  • Probation

    A form of punishment where the convicted offender stays in the community but must undertake a court imposed treatment regime.

  • Community-Based Corrections

    Forms of punishment aimed at reform, rather than mere incarceration, and operate outside of jails and prisons.

  • Societal Protection

    A way to control deviance in society by locking up offenders in prisons or sentencing them to the death penalty.