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Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:
-Why Socrates is important to literature
-Why Socrates is important to history and world culture
-How to read Socrates – read dialogue aloud, hidden meanings, etc.
-Brief history of author
-Important works of the author

This learning packet provides a comprehensive introduction to Socrates, including a biography and an overview of his important works in addition to the historical context of the time period in which he lived. The packet also provides this information in a modern, engaging way, using cultural references whenever possible in addition to video clips, slide shows, and other multimedia.

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Socrates: Life and Philosophy Overview

A comprehensive look at the biography and philosophy of Socrates

Source: See slide show for citation

Socrates: More Information about his Life and Work

This slide show contains further information about the work and daily life of Socrates.

Source: See slide show for citation

Socrates: The Encyclopedia Channel

An Encyclopedia Channel overview of the life and works of Socrates.

Source: YouTube

Socrates: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

This is a clip from the hit film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The clip features Socrates in a memorable, lighthearted way.

Source: YouTube

Stephen Fry on Philosophy and Philosophers

This is a commentary by Stephen Fry on philosophy and philosophers in the modern world, looking back at the works of several philosophers including Socrates.

Source: YouTube