SOCS 185 Final Exam Latest Version

SOCS 185 Final Exam Latest Version

Author: Abraham Nolito


1. TCO (8) The concept of the sick role is associated with which approach? (Points : 5)
2. (TCO 8) Critics of the functionalist view of the sick role suggest: (Points : 5)
3. (TCO 9) Social epidemiology is defined as the (Points : 5)
4. (TCO 9) Which area of study is concerned with the interrelationships among people in their spatial setting and physical environment? (Points : 5)
5. (TCO 8) Which English economist warned that rapid population increase would lead to social chaos? (Points : 5)
6. (TCO 9) Which theory of social change holds that society is moving in a definite direction? (Points : 5)
7. (TCO 9) Which term refers to the conscious feeling of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities? (Points : 5)
8. (TCO 8) Which sociologist pointed out that one cannot devise methods for controlling and utilizing new technology before the introduction of a technique, and that nonmaterial culture typically must respond to changes in material culture? (Points : 5)
9. (TCO 9) The class-society theory of modernity is based on the ideas of which of the following soiologists? (Points : 5)
10. (TCO 8) Scholars who take a postmodernist approach claim that (Points : 5)
1.(TCO 1, 2, 3, 4) Identify the four major sociological research designs, give an example of each, and compare and contrast their advantages and disadvantages. (Points : 40)
2.(TCO 3, 8, 9) You have been asked by a committee of student success coaches to investigate why the rate at which freshman students post to their course threaded discussions is lower than the rate for other groups of students. Explain how the conflict perspective would analyze and explain the low posting rate. (In other words, consider the contributing factors that the conflict perspective would focus on in trying to explain the reasons for the low rate of students posting to their threads.) Then discuss a solution that a conflict theorist might use to encourage freshman students to post. (Points : 40)
3. (TCO 6, 7) The local newspaper reports that the long time treasurer at the First Missionary Church embezzled $60,000. Compare and contrast the explanation given by differential association to the explanation given by differential justice. (Points : 40)
4.(TCO 3, 4, 6) List and describe the stages that societies go through in Lenski’s sociocultural evolution. (Points : 40)
5.(TCO 5, 6, 8) Define and give examples of ascribed status, achieved status, master status, role conflict, role strain, and role exit. (Points : 40)

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