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Sofia2- Software Tool

Sofia2- Software Tool

Author: Amber Coleman

The objective of this tutorial is to inform about the software tool: Photostory.

This software tool is available for anyone to use, and it is free!

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Software Tool- Photostory

- Photostory is the software tool of selection. Photostory is an open source software that anyone can download.

-This software tool can open doors in any occupation. The main purpose of the software is to use photos as a visual while an audio recording plays a description of the picture on screen. The software formats transitions in between each photo for a professional “feel” in the presentation. It also is great for giving step-by-step instruction with great visual aids.

- This tool definitely represents an evolution in teaching and training. Education needs to touch every person on their level, and information needs to be presented in different learning modality forms. This software connects with auditory and visual learners at the same time.

- The advantages of this tool really seem endless. It virtually creates a storyboard for anyone to use whether it be in the classroom or in a business sector. It also allows for people to actually see what is going on rather than having you imagine certain ideas or images. It is a very concrete tool for anyone to use in presentation settings. It also is very user friendly. Literally, with the touch of a button a person can record their voice or an audio track to match certain images.

- Busy teachers and eLearning professionals should care deeply about this technology. It is a great tool to capture the attention of students; however, there are still ways that tools are not used in the proper way to promote learning in the best way possible. If used properly this tool is an asset, but if put into busy and careless hands this technology can be abused.

- As an example, Photostory could be used by an educator to generate lessons for if he or she is absent. These lessons could be generated by the teacher beforehand, and the substitutes can play the lesson for the students. This helps the students to stay on task by hearing their teacher’s voice giving instruction.

-Photostory can be used by anyone on any level. It can be accessed by this website for download:

Photostory Software

Example Photostory

This is an example Photostory I have completed.